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"I have been having hypnotherapy with Rose over a few years to help me overcome various struggles, particularly panic attacks. Hypnotherapy has helped me understand why they were occurring and therefore enabled me to work through my problems. This was made easier by the relaxing and safe environment I found myself in when I visited Rose, and more importantly, Rose's approachable and kind manner.

Along with hypnotherapy I had healing. I found this very beneficial as it helped to relax me and calm me down. For me particularly I can really feel the effects for a few days afterwards. Healing has definitely helped me relax and cope with my new job as I found it quite stressful.

Rose's professional manner and warm personality allowed me to trust her immediately and I feel very happy to go back and see her whenever I need more help."
Rosy T.
July 2015

I first met Rose, when I joined 'Rainbow M.E. Group', in 1998. I then worked 8 years with this inspirational group. Rose was a founding member, chairman and 'guiding light' for the Charity, which annually had over 260 members, offered a Newsletter, Website, Helpline, monthly meetings with guest speakers and an annual Conference.

Rose was also instrumental in setting up the South West M.E. Alliance and worked with the NHS to initiate the South West M.E. Clinic. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of people to 'find their way in the darkness', and I was privileged to witness, on so may occasions, her extraordinary gift of healing.

Rose leads by example, working gently, giving people back control of their lives, boosting their self confidence and awareness and maybe most importantly, the gift of hope.

On a personal note, Rose has helped me to grow and heal, in so many ways. She has helped me to overcome my severe M.E. also to become a stronger carer, to develop my own gifts as a counsellor and healer, to tutor again and for many years chair the organisation 'Devon Care Training'. Rose has always been there to help and support me but she's also guided me to recognise and nourish my own skills and inner strengths.
Tina Norman.
October 2015