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What is healing?

Healing is the channelling or direction of healing energy, from one person to another. This energy is also referred to as divine energy or universal energy.
Healing flows to where it is needed physically and emotionally.

How may you benefit from healing?

  • Healing is a non-invasive practice, treating the whole person.
  • It may relieve stress, pain, insomnia, depression, immune system dysfunction, grief and many more conditions.
  • It may help to supplement depleted energies of the client, encouraging natural self-healing abilities

What will happen?

You will have a choice of sitting in a chair or lying on a treatment couch. You will remain fully clothed. Rose will act as a channel for healing energies to flow through her hands.

Healing is not linked to one denomination and has been used throughout the centuries.

Rose qualified as a Spiritual Healer with the Corinthian Church Healing Association. (C.C.H.A.)
She also offers distance healing to those unable to travel.